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STM ITALY srl is a versatile and dynamic company whose mission is to make Research & Innovation in the world of motorcycling. The history of STM started in 1981 and in the 90s it was born the prototype of the future SLIPPER CLUTCHES that will determine the WORLD SUCCESS OF THE COMPANY.


STM is on the race fields since its debut on the Ducati motorcycles, where the STM slipper clutches contribute to the victory of two world titles in the Superbike category. In 2003 the slipper clutch technology was applied for the first time to wet clutches, greatly extending its possibilities of use. In Superbike, collaboration with all the teams leads to the development of cutting-edge performance products that combine absolute reliability with perfect functioning. The same for the Motocross and Supermotard world. Today with the help of the best materials on the market and its own specialized team, STM ITALY is a manufacturer of ARTE da CORSA, combining technical perfection with Italian aesthetic taste.


In 2017 STM ITALY was compliant with the new UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard. the company has therefore obtained the certification of the company Quality Management System.



In a world context in deep transformation from the technological point of view, the generational passage of the business direction becomes fundamental and necessary to be ready and reagents for an industry 4.0, whose production must be automated, interconnected, innovative and worldwide.


Thanks to the built and confirmed technological strength for years, STM ITALY srl considered necessary a renewal of marketing - commercial - R&D departments, to push the brand STM toward new important objectives.


The Vision of the STM ITALY will always be the same: being the leader in the slipper clutches sector anticipating the future. This will afford us to provide as well innovative solutions to the professionals of MotoGP, of WSBK, of OFF ROAD and of SUPERMOTARD, as the best productive quality with equipment more and more performing and technological to the worldwide market. And not only: we will also widen the range of our articles aftermarket with new products from unpublished solutions.


The objective of the STM ITALY srl will be the Kaizen, by bringing a continuous improvement of the company based on the history of the society, by maintaining the quality and by resolving the defects. Historia eST Magistra vitae. History is Teacher of life.

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